EPS industry announces the launch of Airpop

EPS industry announces the launch of Airpop

New Zealand’s EPS (Expanded Polystyrene) Sector Group, in association with Plastics NZ, is proud to announce the launch of Airpop – a new name for a product that has been relied on by many since the 1950s.

Already well known as a designation for EPS products across Europe, the Airpop New Zealand brand brings together leading local manufacturers in an effort to improve education about and recycling rates for expanded polystyrene.

“Many people don’t realise that Airpop products, made of expanded polystyrene, are actually 98% air. Only 2% of the product is made of plastic – and that 2% can be recycled many times over,” says Rachel Barker, CEO of Plastics NZ.

In New Zealand, Airpop is commonly used in electronics packaging, protection systems like helmets and children’s car seats, for keeping fresh produce chilled and as insulation and ground fill in construction projects.

“When produced by accredited manufacturers and handled responsibly, many Airpop products can last for decades. Those that are created for a single-use purpose, or product which is leftover, can be recycled into a myriad of other products,” says Barker.

“We feel that it’s important for us to teach New Zealanders about how to better use and recycle Airpop, to ensure it has a positive impact on our lives – and our environment,” she says.

Kiwi consumers and businesses wanting to know more about Airpop manufacturing and recycling are encouraged to visit the Airpop website.